Stainless steel, modern glass door handles and knobs

The perfect, modern handles add just the right touch to your interior space, whether in a bathroom, kitchen, wine cellar, office or other commercial space.

Alongside our matching, metal cabinet handles and knobs, these glass door handles can also create a seamless design between rooms in your building or residence. Commonly used as glass shower door handles, sliding door handles, glass door pulls or glass door knobs. This series will have your imagination running with creative, modern design ideas.

Love them for aesthetic, keep them for durability

While suitable for nearly any door, our uniquely-designed handles are both robust and ready for applications involving glass panels or backings. They’re made to last for years, and are backed by a quality promise and limited lifetime warranty.

Every one of our products is hand-crafted from solid, 304 stainless steel (an industrial-strength variety). They are rigorously tested during manufacturing, which uses only superior methods of electroplating.  We also use oven baked enamels and PVD for coatings.

All come with hardware installation kits and easy-to-follow instructions.

Designed with ergonomics in mind: these glass door handles are formed for comfort and style

With a geometrically clean, outer face, JWL designer handles and knobs also come with curved, inner profiles. This makes for a tactile experience and a comfort grip that is rarely found in the world of modern door handles.

Adapt on-the-fly with versatile, glass door handles to match a variety of applications and color palettes

The full line of JWL door handles come in a series of small, large, short and long handles, knobs and pulls. This not only provides a range of options for your clientele, but also creates one-of-a-kind combinations. For example, the signature ‘J’ and ‘L’ shaped handles can be mirrored against each other, or used for stand-alone installations. The thick ‘I’ and ‘C’ shapes give a more classic, yet luxury glass door handle feel.

Speaking of installations, our product selections offer vertical or horizontal mounting orientations. Back-to-back mounting as b2b, offset, or in the unique formation of our Type 4 ‘U’, Type 5 ‘P’ or Type 6 ‘J/L’ shapes are also common installation types..

They also come in a variety of colors and finishes that include: matte black, satin brass, polished ‘chrome’ (made by hand polishing stainless steel) and the ever-distinct, metal, satin white door handles.

These glass door handles will make your next interior design project an iconic addition to your portfolio with so many mix-and-match possibilities.

A modern wine room with unique J and L shaped glass door handles