Solid stainless steel and solid wood, high quality modern door handles

Face no restrictions with our uniquely designed, high-quality, modern door handles and pulls. They can be used for interior or exterior doors made of glass, wood, metal or other materials.

Our long, modern door handles are designed to have a clean-lined face with a curved, inner profile at the back of the handle. This makes for an ergonomic, comfort grip without sacrificing the coveted, contemporary look that design experts crave.

Extreme durability allows for multiple door handle applications throughout your home or commercial space

JWL’s modern door handles are typically used as solid door handles or glass door handles that require longevity and strength. Each of our door hardware products are hand-crafted¬†from solid, 304 stainless steel (an industrial-strength variety). Our metal door handle finishes are rigorously tested. We employ superior methods of electroplating with oven baked enamels and use PVD for our coatings.

Examples of exterior door handle applications include outdoor kitchens and exterior main doors. We also offer appliance door handles as well as barn door handles.

Our designer door handles can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and always come with installation kits. They come in thru bolt/back mount, back-to-back (b2b) and face mount options. An optional, larger profiled and Color-matched escutcheon backplate is provided with each door handle for a more classic looking installation.

Multiple, mid-century modern door handle finishes and shapes to choose from

Our signature ‘J’ and ‘L’, unique door handle designs provide a rarely-seen feature by allowing for alternate, geometric hand placements. They are the perfect addition to your mid-century modern interior design ensemble.

But whatever shape you choose, you’ll love knowing you can configure your designer door handles to a variety of color pallets. We offer: matte black door handles, satin brass door handles, polished ‘chrome’ door handles (hand polished stainless) and the ever-distinct, metal, white door handles.

Best of all: our hand-polished finishes mean they will continuously reveal the natural beauty of stainless steel over many years of use.

modern door handles on a glass table