Solid, stainless steel, contemporary door handles

Interior doors can escape the ‘norm’ with unique, high-quality, modern door handles.  Door hardware can make a world of difference in your room design.

Achieve a highly sophisticated look with our slim-profile door handles made of solid, stainless steel.  They come in modern shapes and color finishes.  They’re perfect as industrial barn door handles, French door handles, bi-fold door pulls, sliding door handles and your typical, swinging door handles where no handle locks are necessary.

Use them for your bedroom closet, living room, office, entryway, entertainment lounge and more – your imagination sets the limit!

Looking for commercial door hardware?  The durability of these door handles are just the fit.  Contact us for trade pricing on wholesale door handles.

Upgrade your door design with high-end, solid door handles made with superior workmanship

The JWL line of interior, solid door handles are hand-polished or brushed, to ensure a consistent, timeless finish.  Each is made of 304 solid stainless steel (an industrial-strength grade).

Our finish application process uses superior methods of electroplating, as well as oven baked enamels and PVD coatings.  These long-lasting seals can readily withstand frequent use.  Instead of wearing out over time, they continuously reveal their natural beauty as they age.

Our products are reasonably weighty for their size.  They give that luxury door furniture feeling that is hard to find – even among designer options  available today.  They can be used on wood doors, or other dense materials.

Design-wise, these high-end door handles are made to function, not just to look fantastic (though they do!).  Their back sides are curved for a more ergonomic grip, while their front profiles are smooth, flat and squared, for a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Choose your door handle design with our selection of colors, shapes and sizes made to precisely suit your project needs

Knowing first-hand that selection is of utmost importance to designers, we created our line of modern, interior door handles in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  We also made sure that mounting hardware options would be versatile and adaptable.

To complete your project, we bring you popular options such as matte black door hardware, satin brass door handles, polished ‘chrome’ door handles (achieved by polishing the stainless steel to a mirror shine) and even white metal door handles.

For drawing attention, you can employ our distinctive ‘J’ and ‘L’ shaped door handles, which can create a mirrored configuration on side-by-side doors.  Or, have just one ‘J’ or ‘L’ handle standout for an eye catching statement.

We also carry oversized bar handles in the ‘I’ shape, a ‘U’ shape for a shorter profile and a simple, small pull to ensure even your lightweight doors can match your room’s hardware (think pantry doors, closet doors, wardrobe doors and other millwork doors).

Mounting options include thru-bolt (i.e. back mount), back-to-back (b2b) mount and face mount styles.  On all handle configuration styles we give you optional, large-profiled escutcheon baseplates in case you’re looking for a more classic-looking installation.  Back washers on thru-bolt mount styles always match their front profiles and finish, for a subtle, but impressive detail.

Solid door handles on a modern kitchen